A Gentleman’s Game


Today marks the start of my husband’s most loved week of the year – The Master’s Tournament. I must tell you, John is wonderful – he does dishes and laundry, takes baby J out to potty every morning so I don’t have to get out of bed just yet, and knowing my love of fresh flowers, I receive a pretty new bouquet each week. However, this week, he will be completely useless. The tournament will be recorded on our tv, despite the fact we will be in Augusta in just a few days cheering on our favorite golfers. And once we return, he will re-watch the entire tournament as though he’s not seen a bit of it, and I will be doing laundry and dishes.

For John, he and his dad have shared this trip for nearly two decades. Five years ago, marked how much John really loved me when he first started taking me to the tournament. From egg salad sandwiches and pink lemonade to Phil Mickelson and Dustin Johnson, there’s nothing my husband loves more than his days inside the gates of Augusta National. Really, nothing.

Check back this week for what I’ll be wearing. Unfortunately, no cameras are allowed during the tournament, so you won’t get to see swoon as I follow Adam Scott John around the course!


One thought on “A Gentleman’s Game

  1. I hope my personal shopper is available this year! Mmm, egg salad only sounds good at Augusta National.

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