Mother Knows Best

Nashville-based mom, Laura Graham passed her love for Apple products onto her adorable son Fenn. At under two-years-old, Fenn needed a little help taking care of his iPad, so mom got to work with an old iPad case, two stroller latches and some duct tape. After her handmade prototype was a hit with other moms, Laura went back to the drawing board and perfected her product giving your tiny techies the iLatch.

Now, I’m kid free, but I’ve already grown attached to my iLatch. Seriously, you can hang it anywhere! Ive attached mine to my kitchen cabinet so my counter space is free while I’m cooking. My recipes are now eye level, and I’m no longer dropping flour or tomato sauce on my beloved iPad. My iLatch commitment won’t be stopping here. While the weather is too pretty to workout indoors right now, my iLatch will definitely accompany me to the treadmill for runs during the sweltering summer days in our near future.

For all you super cool moms out there, the iLatch attaches an release easily to the headrest of your car, your strollers, your pack and play…really it attaches to ANYTHING! You can find Laura and the iLatch here. And you’re just in time to vote for the iLatch to make it on the shelf at Wal-Mart.




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