Holy Guacamole

This weekend had far too few hours for my “to-do” list. John and I checked off most of our spring cleaning, which involved two days of packing up my fall/winter clothes and organizing my spring/summer wardrobe, spring landscaping, prepping our vegetable garden, deep cleaning our house and trying out new recipes. We did manage to slip in a bit of fun cheering on our favorite t-ball player (nephew Logan) and favorite up-and-coming t-ball player (nephew Camden). While they are getting a little too cool for sugars from me, Uncle J is definitely in demand. After our ball field fun and a few sugars from the kiddos, John took me to dinner at a little space that is one of our new favorite spots.

With flavors that hit you like a tidalwave, Atlanta’s Taquiera Tsunami merges two of my favorite cuisines from Far East and South of the Border. The Latin-Asian fusion leaves your taste buds begging for more. Even more, the people running the show are awesome – Anne, our super cute waitress and Rob, the gracious co-owner/co-chef. It only gets better, percentages of their top selling tacos support Tsunami relief efforts with the Red Cross. I love good food…I admire good people. And let’s be honest. The Sangria is quite nice, too.

Fresh Guacamole and Edamame

Our Taco Variety - Rich Man's Shrimp Tempura & Asada Zing


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