We were fortunate to have our home sell quickly and as we were waiting to find our next home, we were in a pinch to find a roof for our heads! Fortunately, we have some amazing friends who were open to renting us their home since they’d recently moved to Nashville and have their Rome home on the market.

“Camping” is how we’ve referred to our temporary living situation, and if you know me, my idea of camping involves destinations like The Ritz Carlton or St. Regis. With 90% of our belongings (even some of my shoes) in storage, no matter how wonderful the house, it’s a challenge to make it feel like a home.

As we moved, I thought about the three things I love most in my home, and I decided those must come with me. Every Sunday, John makes a trip to Publix to buy me fresh hydrangeas, so packing a vase for fresh flowers was essential. I buy Capri Blue Volcano scented candles from Anthropologie in bulk and burn them daily. These are my favorite candles and come in a variety of glass holders. And going back to my love for five-star hotels, freshly starched and pressed linens are one of my love languages. There is nothing more luxurious than slipping under crop, Egyptian cotton sheets.

Give these three tips a try for making any space feel like home.


2 thoughts on “Camping

  1. Love reading this post! We are so happy our Capri Blue Volcano candle is loved by both you and your husband – and that it could help make your new space into a Home! Thanks for featuring it!

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