Oh So Lovely {Summer 2014 Essentials}



I love summer. Despite the high temps and awful humidity, I really love summer. While I’d love to claim the Prada Double as the bag I’m currently toting, I’ll admit it’s simply a lust. But I do have some essentials for looking chic while praying for a cool breeze.

1. Prade Double Bag – My current obsession, and essential wish.

2. Essie Haute in the Heat – The name alone makes it a must…the great color is simply a bonus!

3. Jo Malone – Earl Grey & Cucumber – A light and refined summer scent.

4. Tory Burch Fedora – Because I love a fedora and I love Tory Burch. Perfect combo.

5. Fresh Sugar Lip Polish – Nothing makes your lips feel as lux as this scrub, which has become part of my night time routine.

6. Birkenstocks – I know. I’m shocked, too. I’ve actually pinched myself a few times. The 80’s had a comeback, why not something from the 90’s?

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