If I told you the number of hours I’ve spent searching for the perfect industrial-styled cart for our eclectic living room, you’d roll your eyes and call me crazy. But here’s the thing about decor in my home…I need my furniture and accessories to speak to me. Just like the mannequins who spoke to Rebecca Bloomwood in Shopaholic, I must connect with every piece that comes into my little castle. While on vacation this past weekend, the communication lines were definitely open! For starters, I knew this metal trolley would have a passenger seat on our drive home the minute I saw him! Then, I met baby turtle in a store appropriately titled Hissyfits. I wanted mama turtle, too, but J put his foot down and I decided I’d do us all a favor and forget the tantrum I felt like throwing. And oh did I cave when I saw the Turkish towels as Patchouli’s.

So the trolley has found a new home nestled in between our vintage wingback chairs, replacing the bachelor’s chest that will have it’s own new spot (to be announced soon).
Styling the cart requires balance, and making baby turtle a focal point was a priority. John’s Gentleman books and his great-uncle’s vintage pocket watch were the perfect combination for his whiskey collection. Nothing says Southern like a mint julep cup filled with peonies.

The Turkish towel pops with its bright blue against the industrial grey.

Trolley:Tracery, Rosemary Beach; Wooden Turtle Shell: Hissyfits Boutique, Rosemary Beach; Turkish Towel: Patchouli’s; Coasters: Kate Spade; Wine Bottle Coaster: Pottery Barn

Disclaimer: No baby turtles were injured in this process. Killing sea turtles is illegal, people. Baby Turtle is handmade, carved from wood and stained to replicate an actual shell.

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