Little Sluggers


On Sunday, my oldest nephew (age 6) played in his first All-Star baseball game. I can’t tell you how stinking cute the game was. After the “line-up” was announced, the national anthem played from an old-school boom box, the ump yelled, “Play ball!”, and the Big League Chew was passed around the dugout. Number 2 was on deck, and I couldn’t help but have a lump in my throat. Talk about one proud aunt and godmother. He may only be six, but he loves the game of baseball. Always the first on the field and “baseball ready”, it is an absolute delight to watch him play the game. Even more, the little smile I get from the dugout between innings. It may not be cool to give your aunt a big hug in front of all your friends, but that sweet smile says it all.


The cutest fan is LMK’s little brother CEGK, also known as Catfish, and most recently “Chippah” (Chipper Jones, that is). Another little slugger, this three-year-old stud doesn’t miss a play. He’s right behind home plate when his big brother is batting, and can’t wait for “Logo” to make a game-changing play, and don’t be fooled, it DOES happen quite often. Little Chippah loves to step up to the plate after LMK’s games, bats like “The Babe” (literally) and can round the bases at record speed for age three.

My favorite little guys are growing so quickly, and I’m just so lucky to have their love.

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