On Hiatus

ImageHello. Have we met before? I’m Ali. The blogger chick who really loves new finds, but abandoned said blog and her followers since mid-July. Awful. Seriously awful. I’ve missed you!

Here’s the deal. Sister landed a new job! A job I began on July 2nd, and since then life has been off the charts busy…busy in a good way, of course! My desk is always a mess; the work of a genius right? I’ve got non-profit work galore and a nearing “Follies” production that is consuming life. Still, there’s nothing I’d change. J also started a new job the week before I began mine, so we’ve been adjusting to new schedules and learning curves. So much has happened over the last four months, but I’m skipping those details; otherwise I’d be writing for days. I’m back, and I’m renewing the commitment I made when I started Oh So Ali. My deepest appreciation to those of you who follow.

I look forward to returning from my blogging hiatus. More to come, I promise. 



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