When We Speak

The first Thanksgiving I lived in New York, my family came into the city to spend the holiday. We, of course, watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and feasted in my small apartment on our family’s traditional Thanksgiving meal. We toured the entire city in the five days my mom, dad, brother and sister-in-law were visiting. While I have many wonderful memories of that special holiday, there’s one that always stands out – our entrance into St. Patrick’s Cathedral. As we stepped in off the busy Fifth Avenue sidewalk, we were welcomed by the angelic choir singing Amazing Grace. The music moved me to tears, and since then, any trip to or by St. Patrick’s reminds me of the need to find simplicity in the busiest of days.

Last Sunday morning, I left my hotel early in the morning to take a quiet stroll to Central Park before brunch. There’s nothing like NYC early on a Sunday Morning. The streets are quiet and the sidewalks are abandoned. With the millions of people living in New York, a Sunday morning can feel like the streets of a quaint town. As I made my way up Fifth Avenue, I saw members of St.Patrick’s as well as a number of tourists walking into the cathedral. I, too, joined them to flood myself with memories of a beloved landmark in our country.

As I crossed from the West to East side of the street, I looked up to see a very moving sign, which is part of the restoration campaign of St. Patrick’s. St. Patrick’s was paid for through the contributions of poor immigrants and prominent citizens. The cornerstone was laid in 1858 and her doors were opened in 1879. Plans are now in place for interior and exterior preservation of this gerat cathedral. You, too, can be a part of Restoring St. Patrick’s Cathedral by visiting here.

One thought on “When We Speak

  1. I love your words about St. Patrick’s. The first time I went, I was utterly speechless when I entered the doors. Such a strong pillar of peace, reverence, worship, & tranquility in the midst of chaos.

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