Pucker Up

A trip to my grandmother’s house always guaranteed one thing…dessert! Usually, there was a variety to choose from, but for me, there were three choices that could turn any day into the perfect day. On birthdays, I was always gifted with a red velvet cake; a poundcake (and many other desserts) followed our Sunday dinners and a lemon ice box pie with no meringue could be made to order at a moment’s notice. My grandmother, Ma, could prepare a feast like no other. Each Sunday, she prepared a gracious meal for all of her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, the preacher’s family and anyone else who would like to join us. My Ma taught me that cooking was about cooking with love, opening your home and enjoying the people you invited in to share a meal with. I’ve not attempted my Ma’s lemon ice box pie in years – mine has never tasted quite like hers. But I love all things lemon, and I recently found a quick and easy lemon tart recipe from Paula Deen that definitely cause me to pucker up with their tart lemon flavor! A delis treat that brought back special childhood memories.

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