Label Me

While my life can get pretty chaotic at times, there’s not much that can make me happier than having everything organized and labeled. I was a fan of Martha Stewart long before I ever worked on her television show, and since then, I’ve only gotten more categorized and color-coded. There’s something about that bird’s egg blue and the accents of red that are a match made in heaven for me. So, imagine my joy when MS announced her home office line exclusive to Staples. As I rushed out to the nearest Staples store (I had to see it in person), it was SO difficult not to buy everything! So, I came away with a few must-haves…chalkboard labels, elastic tags, food labels (that don’t leave a sticky residue, yea!), a dry erase stick-on decal, a red binder and lots of goodies to place inside it. Make sure to check out the collection for yourself.

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